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Calendar Guide to the Venezuela Holidays 2013

Calendar Guide to the Venezuela Holidays 2013

Venezuela Holidays 2013

When many of us think of Venezuela the first thing that comes to mind is the great food and the amazing beaches. While they do offer some great vacation spots you may want to consider planning a trip to Venezuela to get a taste of what this South American region has to offer in the way of traditions and culture.

Many of us plan our vacations and trips around relaxation and good food. While all of this is great Venezuela has something more to offer visitors. If you’ve never traveled here during one of their various national holidays you may want to consider alternating your next trip.

Interesting Holidays to Take Part In:

Just like with any other culture and region, many holidays and traditions are religion-based. This can exclude many individuals who are not religious in nature. However, they do have many observed holidays and public holidays that draw crowds and offer spectacular events.

  • Battle of Carabobo.
  • Independence Day.
  • Immaculate Conception.
  • New Year’s Eve.

Venezuela offers some type of festival, carnival or observation each month of the year. Depending on the month and the holiday it can vary from a festive time to a more traditional observation such as Corpus Christi’s Holy Day.

Some Festivals to Make Note Of:

  • Paradura del Nino. This holiday takes place in early January of each year and is considered the last of the 12 days of Christmas.
  • Pre-Lenten Carnival takes place in February and is much like Mardi Gras in the United States. This is a spectacular four-day event that you won’t want to miss.
  • In October you can take part in the El Hatillo Music Festival. This is a great way to listen to some amazing music and learn about the culture of Venezuela.

If you’ve been planning your trips to Venezuela based on relaxation in the past you may want to consider more traditional options. Cut your beach excursions short and take a trip to various parts of Venezuela during a national holiday or during a festive event to learn all about the culture.

You can find out about national holidays and observations by checking out the list of 2013 holidays:

New Year’s Day1-Jan
The Three Wise Men Day6-Jan
Carnival/Shrove Tuesday12-Feb
Saint Joseph’s Day19-Mar
March Equinox20-Mar
Palm Sunday24-Mar
Maundy Thursday28-Mar
Good Friday29-Mar
Easter Day31-Mar
Declaration of Independence19-Apr
Labor Day1-May
June Solstice21-Jun
Carabobo Battle24-Jun
Saint Peter and Saint Paul1-Jul
Independence Day5-Jul
Simon Bolivar’s Birthday24-Jul
Flag’s Day3-Aug
National Guard’s Day4-Aug
Our Lady of Coromoto11-Sep
September Equinox22-Sep
Indigenous Resistance’s Day12-Oct
All Saint’s Day1-Nov
All Soul’s Day2-Nov
Aviation Day27-Nov
Feast of the Immaculate Conception8-Dec
December Solstice21-Dec
Christmas Day25-Dec
New Year’s Eve31-Dec

How to Plan the Perfect Trip:

  • Make sure that you know where to go. If you’re planning on attending any particular event make sure you’re headed to a venezuela holidays 2013 Follow Me on Pinterest convenient location. Chances are the streets and roadways will be crowded so stay locally and get a great spot.
  • Make sure to research the meaning of an event. This will ensure that you know what you’re celebrating before you take part. Anyone can be an active participant whether in the crowd cheering them on or lending a helping hand.

No matter where you travel there are traditions and cultures that may vary from your own. Make sure you know the meaning of events and be respectful of the culture. Taking the time to visit Venezuela during a national holiday or day of observation can give you a better understanding of the region and all it has to offer.

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