generic viagra generic viagra generic viagra Thailand Holidays 2013: Buddhist Beauty and Colorful Culture
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Thailand Holidays 2013: Buddhist Beauty and Colorful Culture

Thailand Holidays 2013: Buddhist Beauty and Colorful Culture

Thailand Holidays 2013

Thailand is one of the most popular countries for tourists seeking exotic locations filled with festive customs and unique celebrations to visit. The nation’s rich heritage, from prehistoric animism and today’s prevalent Buddhism, make it a culture unfamiliar to many tourists, providing it with greater appeal. Planning a trip around various Thailand holidays 2013 can help travelers experience this striking nation at some of the best times of the year available to do so.

Thai New Year

The most popular of all Thailand holidays 2013, Songkran Festival in April, or Thai New Year, is the lively holiday of water throwing. Citizens gently sprinkle scented water on elderly people and Buddhist images in order to celebrate and proclaim deep respect. Everyone else, from tourists to children, drenches one another with squirt guns, buckets of water and any other wild bursts of water possible. Many lovers of Thailand, as well as people who wish to experience the world famous Sonkgran Festival, seek this destination in April in order to be a part of it all.

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National Holidays

Touring the islands of Thailand and exploring the various Buddhist temples can be made into an even richer experience for travelers if done during Thailand holidays 2013. Though Thailand is largely a Buddhist nation, holidays from other cultures and religions are also celebrated in the country. Most celebrants welcome tourists and encourage their participation in these lively festivals. People traveling to Thailand may wish to take note of the following National Thailand holidays 2013, which range from celebrations similar to those in the Western culture to unique, Thailand-only festivities.

January 1TuesdayNew Year’s Day
January 12SaturdayNational Children’s Day
January 16Wednesday
Teacher’s Day
February 10SundayChinese New Year
February 14ThursdayValentine’s Day
March 11MondayMakha Bucha Day
April 8MondayChakri Day
April 13-17Saturday-WednesdaySongkran Festival
May 1ThursdayLabor Day
May 6MondayCoronation Day
May 24FridayVisakha Bucha Day
July 1MondayMid-Year Bank Holiday
July 30TuesdayAsahna Bucha Day
August 12MondayMother’s Day
August 12MondayH.M. Queen’s Birthday
October 23WednesdayChulalongkorn Day
December 5ThursdayH.M. King’s Birthday
December 10ThursdayConstitution Day
December 24TuesdayChristmas Eve
December 25WednesdayChristmas Day


Citizens of Thailand may not receive a day or two off for school or work during the following observances listed. However, these Thailand holidays 2013 continue to build on the country’s colorful culture and attract tourists to the nation’s festivities annually. Some of these holidays are similar to those in other nations, though they are not typically practiced as widespread or significantly as they are elsewhere in the world.

  • January 12 National Children’s Day
  • January 16 Teacher’s Day
  • February 10 Chinese New Year
  • February 14 Valentine’s Day
  • July 1 Mid-Year Bank Holiday
  • December 24 Christmas Eve
  • December 25 Christmas Day

The sights and sounds of Bangkok during Christmas could become a new tradition for anyone longing for a modern adventure in the middle of an ancient realm, and travelers may adopt their own water rituals for the hottest day of the year. Whether visiting floating markets or exploring Thailand wilderness, travelers can expect to take home a wealth of vibrant memories from this diverse land.

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