generic viagra generic viagra South African Holidays 2013 - A Wide Range Of Diverse Holidays To Celebrate
Dates of holidays and festivals around the world
South African Holidays 2013 – A Wide Range Of Diverse Holidays

South African Holidays 2013 – A Wide Range Of Diverse Holidays

Dates of South African Holidays 2013 To Celebrate

South Africa is a country that has no shortage of holidays they celebrate. If you look at the lineup of South African Holidays for 2013 you will see that a lot of them are different in terms of meaning. Why might this be? Well we have to look at the make-up of a country like South Africa. The country is not comprised of one main group, although there are more of specific groups than others. But for the most part there are lots of different cultures in South Africa and the holidays there reflect this.

When you take a look at most countries you are going to see that a lot of them have very few national holidays. Most of their holidays are centered around religion and a lot of these are not celebrated by all. This can lead to lots of divisions amongst the people.  In South Africa though, you will find they have more public holidays than what you will find in most other countries. The main reason for this is because the country just has so much divisive history.

Travel to South Africa

Now just how many public holidays does South Africa have? Well there are about 12 public holidays. Whenever any of these holidays fall on a Sunday, then the Monday that comes after it is also a public holiday. Public holidays in the country are not what they used to be. In the past these public holidays were all about reflecting the beliefs of the ruling white minority government. It is nothing like this anymore. Now the government wishes for South African holidays to be for all the people in the country.

If you plan on going to South Africa to take part in some of their holidays then you will want to know where to go. The best place to south african holidays 2013 Follow Me on Pinterest focus on would be Cape Town. Cape Town always has some of the best holiday celebrations. There are numerous festivals there and also lots of rallies on all of the public holidays. Anyone can take part, as long as you know what the meaning of the public holiday is. On the  holidays in South Africa there are lots of thing people can do inside and outside. There are also annual events that take place in the mother city.


Here is a complete list of South African holidays for 2013:

Jan 1TuesdayNew Year’s Day 2013
Mar 20WednesdayMarch equinox 2013
Mar 21ThursdayHuman Rights Day 2013
Mar 29FridayGood Friday 2013
Mar 30SaturdayHoly Saturday 2013
Mar 31SundayEaster Day 2013
Apr 1MondayFamily Day 2013
Apr 27SaturdayFreedom Day 2013
May 1WednesdayWorkers’ Day 2013
May 12SundayMother’s Day 2013
Jun 16SundayYouth Day 2013
Jun 16SundayFather’s Day 2013
Jun 17MondayYouth Day observed 2013
Jun 21FridayJune Solstice 2013
Aug 9FridayNational Women’s Day 2013
Sep 22SundaySeptember equinox 2013
Sep 24TuesdayHeritage Day 2013
Dec 16MondayDay of Reconciliation 2013
Dec 21SaturdayDecember Solstice 2013
Dec 24TuesdayChristmas Eve 2013
Dec 25WednesdayChristmas Day 2013
Dec 26ThursdayDay of Goodwill 2013
Dec 31TuesdayNew Year’s Eve 2013

The main theme for South African holidays in 2013 and the years that follow is diversity in celebrations. Should you go to the country to take part in any of their holidays be prepared for a lot of pride to be shown. But do not go unless you are really serious about taking part in their holidays. There is a lot of meaning in them, and in order for you to get the most out of them you need to understand that meaning. It should not be difficult to learn more about some of South Africa’s more important public and national holidays.

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