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Mexican Holidays For 2013 – Keeping Track Of The Many Holidays

Mexican Holidays For 2013 – Keeping Track Of The Many Holidays

Mexican Holidays 2013

At first it might seem like there would not be too many holidays in Mexico, but there actually are. Understand that Mexico is a Catholic

country. So because of this they observe a lot of the Catholic days of obligation in the country. Plus, they have their own holidays that are unique to only them. Factor in a few American holidays that they also celebrate and you have a nice mix.

Here is a complete list of the Mexican Holidays for 2013:

Jan 1TuesdayNew Year’s Day 2013
Jan 6SundayDay of the Holy Kings 2013
Feb 4MondayDay off for Constitution Day Memorial 2013
Feb 5TuesdayConstitution Day Memorial 2013
Feb 13WednesdayAsh Wednesday 2013
Feb 14ThursdayValentine’s Day 2013
Feb 24SundayFlag Day 2013
Mar 18MondayDay off for Benito Juárez’s Birthday Memorial 2013
Mar 18MondayOil Expropriation 2013
Mar 20WednesdayMarch equinox Season 2013
Mar 21ThursdayBenito Juárez’s Birthday Memorial 2013
Mar 24SundayPalm Sunday 2013
Mar 28ThursdayMaundy Thursday 2013
Mar 29FridayGood Friday 2013
Mar 30SaturdayHoly Saturday 2013
Mar 31SundayEaster Day 2013
Apr 30TuesdayChildren’s Day 2013
May 1WednesdayLabor Day / May Day 2013
May 5SundayCinco de Mayo 2013
May 9ThursdayAscension Day 2013
May 10FridayMother’s Day 2013
May 15WednesdayTeacher’s Day 2013
May 19SundayWhit Sunday 2013
May 30ThursdayCorpus Christi 2013
Jun 16SundayFather’s Day 2013
Jun 21FridayJune Solstice Season 2013
Aug 15ThursdayAssumption of Mary 2013
Sep 15SundayShout of Dolores 2013
Sep 16MondayIndependence Day 2013
Sep 22SundaySeptember equinox 2013
Oct 12SaturdayColumbus Day 2013
Oct 31ThursdayHalloween 2013
Nov 1FridayAll Saints’ Day 2013
Nov 2SaturdayAll Souls’ Day 2013
Nov 18MondayDay off for Revolution Day Memorial 2013
Nov 20WednesdayRevolution Day Memorial 2013
Nov 24SundayChrist the King Day 2013
Dec 8SundayFeast of the Immaculate Conception 2013
Dec 12ThursdayDay of the Virgin of Guadalupe 2013
Dec 21SaturdayDecember Solstice 2013
Dec 24TuesdayChristmas Eve 2013
Dec 25WednesdayChristmas Day 2013
Dec 28SaturdayDay of the Holy Innocents 2013
Dec 31TuesdayNew Year’s Eve 2013


There are things you can do in order to keep up with a lot of Mexican holidays in 2013. Most of the focus will revolve around the Catholic holidays seeing as how there are so many of them.

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The first thing you can do would be making a note of all the Catholic holidays America has. This is important, because as you can see from the list above, Mexico has a lot of the same ones. The country is Catholic so this should be easy. All you would need to learn is if there is a slightly different meaning associated with each one. This is best learned by asking someone at a Mexican Catholic church. They would be able to really help you.

Now what you would want to do is make sure if you live in American and you will be celebrating Mexican holidays that you are celebrating them on the right day. Just because some Catholic holidays fall on certain days in America does not mean they will fall on the same days in Mexico. So do some research. You can always make reference to the list above just to be sure or you can speak to a leader of a Spanish church.


The next thing you want to do is make sure you are celebrating specific holidays the way they are supposed to be celebrated. Yes, in America certain Catholic holidays are celebrated a certain way. But if you are of Mexican descent you want to be sure the way you celebrate these days correlate with the way they are celebrated in your country. This is even more so if you plan on going down there for one of these holidays.


Lastly, taking the focus off of Mexican holidays in 2013 that are Catholic, you want to make sure you know what American holidays Mexico shares. A lot of  holiday dates vary in Mexico, as they do in the States. But for the most part a lot of the mainstream holidays are going to be on the same dates unless you learn otherwise.


The Mexican holidays for 2013 are going to be better than ever. If you are of Mexican descent be sure to share knowledge about them to other people who might not know of these special holidays. There are website with more complete information  on the many holidays if you are interested in learning more as well. A lot of the holidays that were mentioned on the list were not national holidays, but a nice number of them are.


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