generic viagra generic viagra Las Fallas 2013 - 4 Day Celebration Culminating In A Blazing Spectacle
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Las Fallas 2013 – 4 Day Celebration Culminating In A Blazing Spectacle

Las Fallas 2013 – 4 Day Celebration Culminating In A Blazing Spectacle

Las Fallas 2013

Las Fallas 2013 is going to take place from March 16th to March 19th. It takes place in the city of Valencia. The festival did not always use to be 4 days long, but all of that has changed. It is now a four day event that attracts lots of people, both domestic and international, to the city each year. The first day of the festival is when all competing Fallas have to be finished. Sometimes this can take up to a whole year in order to plan out, design and create. Once this happens the models are put all over the city for the Las Fallas festival.

Now some of what you will see at Las Fallas 2013 is going to be quite interesting. The Fallas sometimes are created to look like cartoon characters and even fairytales.

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What is one of the best features of Las Fallas?

If you go to Valencia during Las Fallas, one thing it is going to be tough for you to not notice are the fireworks displays that take place each day of the festival. These fireworks are set off all around the town. They occur about three time a day. The fireworks start at about 8am with a display called la desperta. Then at 2pm at the main Plaza del Ayuntamiento there is another fireworks display named mascleta that focuses on a 120 kilo gunpowder blast.

The last of the three, and what a lot of people believe to be the best, is el castillo. This takes place at midnight and it reaches its climax on the last night of the Las Fallas festival.

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The Main Reason to Go to Las Fallas 2013

There are several fun events that take place at the Las Fallas festival, but these do not compare to what takes place on the last day. The end of the festival, which is called la crema, is the night where each of the models that were created are set on fire. This takes place between the hours of 10pm and 1am. The display looks very unusual and it is intense to watch. When you first see it you might think there is something going wrong, but there really isn’t. This dramatic display represents a festive occasion and symbolizes seasonal renewal.

What to do before you go to Las Fallas

During the festival in Valencia, you will have a hard time finding any accommodations. It is a good idea for you to do this well in advance, and you might still have to end up paying more to hold a room. The city gets really crowded during festival time, and any rooms are not going to be around for long.

Getting around during the Las Fallas festival

During the Las Fallas festival, most of the city’s streets are going to be closed off to traffic. It is not going to be much use for you to get a rental car. What you will want do instead is use the city’s metro, bus and train system. It is actually quite good and you should not have many problems getting around using them. This is especially true in the more compact areas of the central city.

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