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What Day Does Good Friday 2013 Fall On?

What Day Does Good Friday 2013 Fall On?

Good Friday 2013

Sometimes Good Friday can get confused by some people, because it goes by other names. Sometimes it is referred to as Holy Friday or Great Friday. Either way it represents the same thing. It is a deeply religious holiday that people who are serious about their Catholic faith or Christian faith will want to make sure they take part in. It commemorates the crucifying and the death of Jesus Christ. It is a day where lots of people come together.

When is Good Friday 2013?

The reason why it is so important for you to know when Good Friday 2013 is is so that you can take part in the activities associated with it. The holiday takes place during Holy Week  on the Friday proceeding Easter Sunday. What a lot of Christians and Catholics will do is engage in fasting and penance. These are just two of the things that people do though, there are several others things people engage in.

The actual day of Good Friday is going to change every year. This year it falls on March, 29th. It is based on specific calculations. good friday 2013 Follow Me on Pinterest Easter comes on the first Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon. This is a way to ensure you always are able to know when Good Friday Falls. The day is also calculated differently based on what part of the world one practices their religion in. For example, Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity differ in that one uses the Gregorian calender and the other uses the Julian calender.

Is Good Friday a federal holiday?

A lot of people who are serious about their faith will want to have the day off work for Good Friday 2013. In order for this to happen one must either request time off of work or make plans far ahead of time. The reason why this is important is because Good Friday, although a deep religious holiday, is not a federal holiday. What this means is you will likely not be given the day off. Some employers are good with letting people take a day, while others are not.

Now if you live in certain parts of the world this is not going to be a problem. For instance, if you like in the United Kingdom Good Friday is a federal holiday. Then you have specific states where the day is a state holiday. States such as Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky-half day, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee and Texas make Good Friday a state holiday.

This means that all state and local government offices are not going to be open. The courts are going to be closed. There will be a number of banks closed and postal offices as well. Also, a lot of financial markets, various private businesses, and lots of organizations will be shut down on Good Friday 2013. Even though this is the case, most businesses are open on Good Friday whether it be for a full day or half a day.


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