generic viagra generic viagra The Greater Eid or Eid ul Adha 2012
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The Greater Eid or Eid ul Adha 2012

The Greater Eid or Eid ul Adha 2012

Eid ul Adha or also known as The Greater Eid 2012

Eid ul Adha is an important Muslim celebration, which is liked by tourists that visit Muslim countries, because of the numerous events that happen in those countries. It is known as the “feast of Sacrifice”, and it commemorates the dedication and faith of Abraham to God.

The History of Eid ul Adha

Abraham is a common character in the Islamic, Christian and Jewish religions. It is believed that God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, and even if Abraham loved his son very much, he thought about complying with the requests of God. However, God only wanted to test the devotion of Abraham, therefore he spared the life of his son, and at the end, a lamb was sacrificed instead of his son.

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It is an important holiday that is celebrated by the whole Muslim world with prayers, food and sacrifice. Instead of eating breakfast, the Muslims go to the mosque in the morning for a special prayer, then, they will have a feast with family and friends. The tourists that visit the Islamic countries are especially thrilled about this late breakfast, as the Muslims put their best skills into preparing this meal. Eid ul Adha 2012 is not celebrated only in the Islamic world, as there are many places in USA and Europe where the Muslims celebrate this important event.


Special Habits in Different Countries

Even if the general traditions are the same, there are some differences from one country to the other.

  • In Egypt, this event is celebrated with prayers and feasting, but the celebration is called Eid el-Kibr.
  • In Pakistan, the stores are closed during the morning, as all the Muslims must attend the morning prayers. After the morning prayer, the believers must sacrifice an animal, and the meat must be shared with the family members, but also with the poor and other people that are in need.
  • In Morocco, the Eid-ul-Adha festivities last for three days, and this is why the majority of tourists that want to attend this festival prefer this country. Moreover, the Moroccans are used with tourists, and today, you can attend a full trip for this event. The feasts are rich, and the habit of giving to the poor remains.
  • In Bangladesh, it is also important to sacrifice an animal of a certain age. Moreover, if the animal is not healthy, the sacrifice is considered as made in vain. In this country, the feasts and the prayers resemble with the habits in other countries, with the difference that the sacrifice is the most important aspect.

During Eid-ul-Adha in Bangladesh, it is mandatory that an animal is sacrificed, and the animal’s age and health is important. An unhealthy animal is considered an imperfect sacrifice. The sacrifices start during morning prayers, and they continue for three days during Eid-ul-Adha in Bangladesh. Feasts and prayers are similar in Bangladesh as they are in many other countries, except the sacrifice is extremely important. Eid-ul-Adha 2012 is a reason for people to show their gratitude to god, and this is why this celebration is so important for the whole Muslim world, and even for other religions and cultures.

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