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Day Of The Dead 2013 – Remembering Ones Who Have Passed

Day Of The Dead 2013 – Remembering Ones Who Have Passed

Day of the Dead 2013

A lot of people have heard of Day of the Dead also known as Dia de los muertos, but how many people ever really think about what it means to take part in it? Day of the Dead is a deeply religious holiday that is celebrated in Mexico as well as other countries. Day of the Dead 2013 is going to take place on Friday, November 1-2.

What is the main focus of Day of the Dead?

The main focus is on praying and taking the time to remember those you love that have passed away. This can be a time to think about friends, family or anyone who was close to you. You do this by the sides of close relatives and friends of those people who are still alive.

In the United States, Day of the Dead is not celebrated all that much. In Mexico though, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. In day of the dead 2013 Follow Me on Pinterest Mexico the day is a national holiday. This means kids are out of school and a lot of buildings are not open. The dates are the same each year, November 1st and 2nd. The festival is not just about taking the time to think about those who have passed away, but to honor them with their favorite foods and drinks.

How did Dia de los muertos begin?

Day of the Dead takes place alongside important catholic holidays such as All Saint’s Day, which takes place on November 1st and All Soul’s Day on November 2nd.  These days are all traced back to the original beliefs held by people going back many many years. Depending on what area of Mexico it is being celebrated, November 1st is a day to honor children and infants. On November 2nd adults are honored.

How People Celebrate Day of the Dead and How You Can Too

The entire purpose of this day is for people to take food and drinks to the grave sites of people they love. The purpose of this is to make sure that the spirits of loved ones have the nourishment they need. The grave site is also cleaned up to make sure it looks as nice as possible. Flowers are put there to make it look nice as well.

People who want to can write poems that describe the person as well as the memories they had with them. Amongst some of the holiday foods people usually take would be sweet eggs and chocolate rabbits, which are covered in frosting.

Is Day of the Dead 2013 going to be the same everywhere?

You will find that depending on what part of the world you are in, the day is celebrated differently. One thing is common though, and that is going to the grave site of a loved one to clean it up.

Day of the Dead 2013 can be one of the best times to learn more about family history. It also serves as a perfect opportunity to make sure departed loved ones are not forgotten.

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