generic viagra generic viagra India's Dasara Festival 2013
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India’s Dasara Festival 2013

India’s Dasara Festival 2013

Dasara Festival 2013

Dasara Festival 2013 will be on Sunday, October 13, 2013. It is the tenth day of the Druga Navarati which is held during the month of Aswayuja or Ashwim. It is also the tenth day of the Navarati Festival which is in honor of the goddess Durga.

The origin of Dasara is rich in Hindu culture and it commemorates Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana a demon. Dummies or dolls of Lord Rama and Ravana are popular during this celebration and are burned during Dasara which is witnessed by thousands upon thousands of devotees. This holiday, just like so many Hindu holidays, mark the victory of good over evil.

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Kali – The goddess with fierce eyes and face

What happens during the Dasara Festival?

Hindu people celebrate Dasara or Dussehra by prayer and offering food and presents to gods in their own homes and in temples all over India. Aside from traditional celebrations, locals also hold outdoor fairs and parades. It is in parades that effigies of Lord Rama and Ravana are carried in the streets and after the parade is over, are burned. If you have never been in a Dasara Festival then you need to remember the following:

  • Celebrations differ from one region to another and may last for as long as 10 days so prepare to stay longer than you expected!
  • There are live performances depicting the epic battle of Lord Rama and Ravana.
  • In the town on Mysore in Karnataka there is a procession of the goddess Chamundeshawari in a special throne mounted on elephants. Don’t forget to attend this parade.
  • There is a traditional blessing of the household along with appliances, equipment and tools that are used for work in Karnataka. This includes blessing of books, cooking utensils, cars and even computers!
  • Get ready to eat traditional Dasara foods like luchi which is special deep fried bread and alur dom which is deliciously spiced potato snacks deep fried in oil.
  • Locals will often start a new venture or a new plan, pretty much like a New Year’s resolution which is thought to be lucky when done during Dasara.
  • Remember that public offices, banks and some private offices are closed during Dasara. Tourists must contact local transport like trains and buses to check if they are open on these dates.

Preparing for Dasara Festival 2013

Since Dasara Festival in 2013 will be on Sunday, October 13th, most offices will certainly be closed and most business establishments will not just have shortened hours of operation but will be totally closed all day. This year, Dasara promises to be more colorful and with more revelry since the whole family will likely be together for the weekend as well as for the special weeklong celebration. Fairs and parades will certainly be larger and more rowdy since more people will be joining. More locals will hold performances for Dasara and food will be as delicious as ever. Tourists are invited to join in and celebrate with the locals; blessings are given to everyone no matter what race or religion you have.

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